About Beyaz Işık

Smiling can be described as a blessing or owning a precious and rare gem like diamond and pearl. Your smile reveals the place where you want to be in the world, what you feel, what you feel and what you love. Sometimes only your smile makes the feeling that you can't put into words understood. Smile is a matchless gift which facilitates life.

Beyaz Işık strives continuously to ensure that your esteemed side can smile fearlessly with this magical jewel you have indefinitely. Beyaz Işık was established in 2014 with the experience of years by Tarık Işık, Burak Arat and Serdar Genç with an eye to furnish high quality and accessible health services to the society in the field of dental health. Başakşehir clinic was opened in 2015, Bağcılar clinic was opened in 2016, Sultangazi clinic was opened in 2017 and Bahçelievler clinic was opened in 2018 with the belief of a team consisting of 3 people who started with the target of growth and consequently this belief turned to a great success. Beyaz Işık Dental Clinics, furnishing the services thereof in different districts of Istanbul, has crowned its growth target by opening consultancy centers in Germany and Austria in the fourth quarter of 2018. The first success of 2019 is the 6th clinic opened in Esenler district in February.


Beyaz Işık, while all of the clinics thereof, in which numerous applications are conducted from aesthetic intervention to orthodontic treatment, surgical procedures and laser applications, have the required ISO certificates, provides your valued side with accurate, reliable and high quality services thanks to its experienced and specialized physician staff, professional and friendly staff and patient-oriented service concept in the field of oral and dental health.

Our services are provided with the most appropriate budgets in the fastest way in order that our guests have healthy smiles. Our works continue with the support of developing technologies while our clinics provide services for all the issues which may be encountered in oral and dental health which have all kinds of equipments to meet the needs of patients from different age groups.

Our services which are carried out  thanks to our staff working with the awareness of the importance of treatment and early diagnosis who fulfill their responsibilities in the best way with an eye to meet the expectations and needs of our guests at the highest level are completed in line with  maximum hygiene conditions and friendly service. Beyaz Işık, targeting patient satisfaction and high success in dental treatment since its inception, has adopted mainly the values of being reliable and transparent in health care and maintaining continuity in terms of social responsibility.

The quality and high standard of service, on which treatments of Beyaz Işık is based for oral and dental health makes Beyaz Işık the most ideal address of health tourism when combined with economical and affordable price policy thereof. Beyaz Işık, with a medical staff of 40 experts  in a total of  5clinics,  have English and German  speaking employees with whom guests can communicate easily. Our company carries out various promotional activities by virtue of the representative offices opened primarily in Germany and Austria with its growth target and actively accepts and treats foreign patients.

Beyaz Işık, with its clinics located in Istanbul only a few hours far from its esteemed guests from many European countries and providing the possibility of treatment with a short travel, aims to achieve an ambitious growth in the field of health tourism with the continuity of its services including meeting-seeing off patients at the airport, services during treatment and accommodation as well as other treatment process plans in a complete manner.